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I want to give the world the design it deserves.

 Live from the stage/my workspace

Live from the stage/my workspace


Who am I? That question may sound deep and philosophical, but I asked it to myself a couple of times during the past months. I still don’t know the correct answer. That’s why I changed the question to why me?

Why should someone hire me instead of my neighbour? Why should someone trust me? You have to be the best, some will say. But what does being the best mean? I don’t know. I love ideas; I enjoy making them and playing with them. I find ideas beautiful: they are powerful, complex and unpredictable, they are the start of everything. It’s crazy to think that everything has started with an idea. I guess ideas are what I like most, and I also like to think that that’s what I do best.

Okay, once said that; what makes my ideas valuable? That’s a tough one. I started believing the lame and obvious “they are different”. What does that even mean? Everything is different. I must go deeper, what makes them different? I found another way of saying the same thing with but with a cooler word: unconventional. I was getting somewhere. I always like to think outside the box and go crazy with ideas, that’s another beautiful thing about ideas, there are no restrictions. That craziness may be reflected in my work. I made another association, and craziness led me to risk. I like to take risks, not only when it comes to ideas, but also with design (and sometimes in life). At this point, I knew that I like unconventional and risky ideas, and that’s way better than “different”.

What else could I say about myself? Again, why should James hire me? I enjoy designing for someone that needs something and be able to solve it; I want to help brands achieve something; I like fixing my toaster. I love solving problems, and even more if I can do it through design.

I also like emotions. When designing or generating ideas, I always try to find a way of establishing emotions with the final receiver. In my opinion, feelings are the most powerful way of delivering a message (or whatever). That’s why I tend to play with humour, mystery, love or sadness when I do any creative job. Emotions make easier to generate a reaction on the receiver. And that’s what design is all about.

Anything else? Critical thinking. I’m basically an unconventional critical thinker that enjoys solving problems in a risky way by sparking emotions in individuals.

That’s pretty much how I see/think my creative part nowadays. Not sure if it even makes sense.




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